Here’s a chance to travel well off-the-beaten-track to explore the fantastic villages, unique cultural monuments and virgin landscapes of the Eastern Troodos mountains, a region not often visited by average tourists. Using a combination of small asphalt roads and narrow (yet well-maintained) dirt tracks, we go beyond the bounds of normal coach tours in order to bring you through river valleys and semi-forested environments, where the ‘real Cyprus’ and the magic of agro-tourism lie waiting. This is no mere joy ride into the mountains, but a unique nature/culture encounter that is both fun and informative: Emphasis is given to exploring ‘real’ Cypriot places, meeting ‘real’ Cypriot people and having ‘real’ Cypriot experiences. And we spend as much time outside the vehicle as possible! What can you expect? Spontaneity will rule the day, but here are some specifics:


4x4 transport from hotel to river valley/mountain

hinterlands in our Land Rover Defenders;


Visits to at least three off-the-beaten-track traditional villages;


Meet the Mukhtaris (Mayor) for a mini-walking tour of his village;


Mingle with baby goats and lambs and wander through orange groves to pick your own snack from the tree (November to April);


Discover The AGRO-TOURISM experience 

Villages and landscapes of the eastern TROODOS mountains

Available from:  Ayia Napa/Protaras+Larnaca


See unique cultural monuments: Tenta, a prehistoric village

(7000 B.C.) and the mysterious Gyrtomylos, Cyprus’ answer to the Leaning Tower of Pisa;


Climb a 150m stone-built minaret tower for spectacular views over village houses and valley floor;


Something for everybody: Meze lunch featuring vegetarian and non-vegetarian gastronomic wonders created in a small village

kitchen. (No chips!!) Wine is included.


Driving during the day will be conducted at a relaxed pace with a

bump-sensitive approach to off-road conditions. The journey features ample time for small walks and light strolling, so all participants are urged to wear appropriate shoes. Other suggested equipment: A

sense of adventure and an open mind!


Special Interests: Animals, culinary delights, forestry, geology, traditional architecture, prehistoric settlements, religious monuments.




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