As an organisation we believe in helping people appreciate nature. 

We believe that nature appreciation begins with the right mentality towards nature protection. Whilst we admit that all tourism activity (even our excursions) results in some negative impact,  We ask all participants to respect the sensitive environments we visit and to refrain from writing on rock surfaces, gouging their initials in tree bark, picking wild flowers, making excessive and/or intrusive noise and depositing non-organic materials on the landscape. During stops or pauses in the excursions, we always shut-off our vehicle’s engine and do not allow unnecessary idling. Except during earthquakes and emergency situations,  At all times we allow snakes and other life-forms to pass unharmed before our wheels.

The shooting of birds with anything other than a telephoto lens is strictly taboo.



Cruises from Cyprus to Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Rhodes and the Greek Islands

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