This excursion features full-day off-the-beaten-track exploration of the North western Troodos mountains area, east/southeast of Polis/Latchi. The journey penetrates some of the most isolated forest locations and takes in the spectacular Tylleria coastline, where steep, semi-forested cliffs tumble precipitously into the blue sea. Including sites and landscapes seldom visited by ‘average tourists’, our itinerary takes you right along the

UN-patrolled ‘Green Line’ (with very safe view-points into the Turkish-occupied lands) and allows you to

experience the utter tranquillity and awesome beauty that characterises this unique, almost forgotten corner of Cyprus. After passing through a series of small agricultural villages, we continue climbing into the pine forests with maximum elevations ranging between 1200m and 1400m. Following our strict ‘Prime Directive,’ this ‘deep-forest transfer’ will be at a relaxed pace and you will not be locked inside the vehicle for the duration, but will be given several stops for light trail-walking, spontaneous photo-shoots, or for just breathing in the clean, pine-scented air.



Deep forest environments and jagged coast lines of North western Cyprus

Available from:  Paphos, Polis/Latchi


‘Deep Forest Environments’ include:


A remote forest station hemmed in on all sides by sheer,

pine-covered peaks;


A walk around the Moufflon reserve at Stavros tis Psokas, where Cyprus’ famous wild sheep can be viewed and photographed (zoom lenses required); excellent for children!


The fantastic Cedar Valley, lone refuge of the endemic Cyprus Cedar with trees exceeding 40m in height!


After a simple but hearty lunch in the forest, our descent towards the coastline is anything but mundane. Use of a newly improved road eliminates bumpy conditions and allows a surprisingly quick transition from deep-forest to civilisation-by-the-sea. Here the steep, jagged Troodos coastline forms the backdrop for an unforgettable ride along the peaceful ‘Green Line’, where UN forces patrol the buffer-zone between occupied and non-occupied lands. We stop at several view points to examine this spectacular landscape en route to Ayios Raphael Church, a major religious monument for the Greek Orthodox community. There is time to enjoy a short swim by the sea before excursion end.


Special Interests: Forestry, geology, modern history, animals, photography, clean air, high altitudes, a sense of isolation.


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