Flights in Cyprus


Flights To Cyprus or Anywhere at the best prices available are no longer ours to offer.


The algorithm driven sites have made all but private charters impossible to compete with, although we do believe that last minute flights will, one day soon, be available again as the modern idea of it being more expensive the nearer you get to the date will be challenged by some bright spark, surely those empty seats should be affordably available.

  But until then

 All we can currently offer you are charter flight group bookings, flights within Cyprus, by small plane and helicopter, short Eastern Med flights, including day trips to Israel or Egypt and the opportunity to get your own pilots licence.


Flying in Cyprus - pilot lessons - flight training - air ambulance - helicopter rides - scenic flights and private plane hire or charter

The only other helpful things we can offer in the 'getting here' category
is for those of you who don't like to or won't fly.

We have a freighter cruise from Europe
(or even the US now as long as you change boat!)
on which you travel the old fashioned way,
 at a leisurely pace, with your vehicle if you like.

See that option here

Or charter your own yacht

call us  00357 24 665408 e-mail for a quote.





Closed Down

United States You will do better than we can.

Please note that all prices on all airlines are subject to availability at that fare
As previously stated, these are
spot prices and are available at the time of your quote - please do not come back later and expect a price that was quoted as a spot price to still be available.


Please note that all prices on all airlines vary and are subject to availability at that fare



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