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If you want an active holiday you can find all kinds of adventure within these pages. If you want to just relax on the beach and soak up the sun, we suggest you visit one of our other sites. We have a summer program of excursions and expeditions from across the island of Cyprus and we also have activities you can enjoy all year long. To see what is available from the town in or near where you are staying, check out the area pages. If you want to be active on particular days, the calendar page will give you an idea of the activities happening on certain days of the week. We also cover A series of adventurous excursions devoted to exploration of the Cypriot wilderness. You can visit  famous sightseeing attractions, sticking to dirt tracks and goat paths more than main roads. You may choose between several different touring experiences: jeep expeditions to deserted coastlines, spectacular river valleys and isolated forests, full day treks through deep limestone gorges, active waterfalls or across the wild Akamas Peninsula.
Birdwatching and special interest tours are also a favoured activity.


   Cruises from Cyprus to Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Rhodes and the Greek Islands 


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