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Kitesurfing in Cyprus,also known as kite boarding is an exhilarating sport.

Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing

Kite surfing is not something you just try for half an hour. You need to want to do it and you need to dedicate some time and effort, but the rewards are indescribable. The minimum course is 4 hours. 8 hours will give you not only an IKO certification card enabling you to you rent equipment in other kite surfing spots all over the world, but will provide you with a solid grounding in all the following;.

The Level 1 - Kite boarder Level 1 on land (4 hours)

Identifying safe wind directions and conditions for kiting.
Discerning the hazards of a surfing spot.
Knowing how to use the safety systems.
Twisting and untwisting the lines while flying the kite.
Walking & changing directions while flying the kite.
Identifying and using the wind windows.
Setting-up a 4/5 line kite with a full de-power system.
Pre-flight checking of equipment and settings.
In flight checking of equipment and settings.
Pulling the quick release and activating the kite leash
Launching and landing the kite to an assistant and as an assistant (4/5-line de-power kite)
Controlling the kite hooked into the harness (using both hands and one hand)
Understanding the de-power system and the use of the safety systems.
Learning advanced flying skills with the de-power kite.
Showing full control of de-power systems in flight.
Recovering the bar and kite.
All of these are essential in order to continue to level 2.

Kite boarder Level 2 in the water (4 hours)

After taking this course, you should be proficient in all of the following:

Enter and exit the water independently and safely while controlling the kite.
Water re-launch the kite.
Body drag downwind.
Maintain correct kite position in the wind window.
Change direction to the left and right while body dragging.
Self-rescue and full pack-down in deep water.
Upwind body drag to recover board.
Upwind body drag holding the board with one hand.
Enter and exit at the same point while upwind body dragging.
Know the power stroke for a water start.
Can put the board on the feet and maintain the correct position for water start.
Water starts in both directions and ride a short distance.
Come to a controlled stop.
Know the right of way rules.
Know equipment set up and choice according to the weather conditions.

By the end of this level 4 days have passed, by now you should be ready to launch a kite , get in the water and ride.

To learn kite surfing means you will dedicate sometime to learning the techniques and theory

The closeness to the sea and wind make kitesurfing a sport of nature.

The kitesurfing equipment must be checked and understood, the board and the harness as well as the kite.

Most students attend IKO level 1+2 and after some training
they can also attain level 3.

Level 3 is for those who want to take kite boarding to a professional level

Controlling the riding speed by edging.
Toe side edging.
Consistently riding in all directions including upwind.
Riding with other riders and respecting “Right of Way” rules for all.
Changing of direction without stopping.
Making a toe side turn.
Making risk assessment and becoming aware of the riding area.
Knowing the theory and the safety rules for jumping.
Landing a basic jump.

From then on in it is practice to perfection.

  Limassol and Paphos

All Kite surfing instructors are IKO certified and they love  their job.  Lessons can be one on one or on high season one on two or three per instructor. All levels of freestyle and wave riding are taught.

The kites are the latest Airush DNA & Lithium which are designed especially for schools with auto relaunch features which also make them very stable.

Your instructor will take you through the complexities of kite surfing in the safest and fastest way possible.
The usual kite surfing spot is between Paphos and Limassol but of course it is all wind dependent. There are 4 main preferred beaches in the area. You  cannot just kite surf from any beach in Cyprus.

The wind usually is west or southwest varying for 17 knots up to 23 knots
and a few days with stronger winds.

Lessons can be in Russian, English, Greek and Bulgarian.

Kitesurfing headquarters on a beach in Cyprus. It is all you need, the sea, the wind and a suitable beach.
Kite surfing or kite flying, take a board, mix them and you have kitesurfing. If you are a qualified kitesurfer you can rent equipment in Cyprus.


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