With Cyprus adventure health and safety is very important in order to provide high standards and a good service.  

Cyprus adventure - We can offer more than 15 different adventure activities located all over Cyprus

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Rock climbing, trekking, flying, skiing, bungee jumping, horse riding, mountain biking, jeep safari in Cyprus.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, yacht treasure hunts, kayaking, boat safari in Cyprus.


Health and Safety First


Cyprus Adventure.

All aspects of Health and Safety are taken very seriously, therefore great care is taken to ensure: All equipment is of the highest standards, allegedly exceeding the very latest European Safety Requirements. All equipment is apparently rigorously checked both before and after each use. All appropriate safety equipment is provided and it is obligatory for customers to use as directed at all times whilst participating in any activity. The guides carry a comprehensive first aid kit. The guides are trained and well practiced in administering first aid.

Mountain treks, yacht adventure, boat adventures, jeep safari, horse riding any many more activities available to make your holiday in Cyprus special.

For those who are both land lovers and water babies you can combine a selection of activities. For more info please

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Yacht charters, yacht treasure hunts, combination activities combining boat safari with bus trips or some other.

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