Cyprus adventure, holiday adventures in Cyprus you will never forget.  

Cyprus adventure activities, great selection proven service quality. Adventure in Cyprus

Rock climbing, trekking, flying, skiing, bungee jumping, horse riding, mountain biking, jeep safari in Cyprus.

Snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, yacht treasure hunts, kayaking, boat safari in Cyprus.

Combination activities


For those who want to do a lot whilst on holiday, why not combine the activities offered by Cyprus adventure in advance. Organize your fun filled days before you arrive.

Combine your Cyprus Adventure activities and schedule in excursions, boat trips and Jeep Safari. Surf & turf.

Have one activity in the morning and another in the afternoon. If you want to learn to do something a little out of the ordinary whilst on the island you can take a PPL course and either learn to fly from scratch or clock up some flying hours, learn to Kite surf, Start your day with a boat trip and end it with a knees up in a village taverna at a Greek night. Then climb a mountain.

Of course depending on the time of year you are coming will define what you can do. No skiing in the summer and sailing in mid winter is not as pleasant as later in the year (It is still probably better than the North sea though.)

If you are on a longer holiday, many people like to take a 2 to 5 day cruise off island, to Israel or the Greek Islands. Of course we think there is enough to do here to keep you occupied, but it is an option as it is your holiday. Enjoy.

Boat safari in Cyprus with Cyprus Adventure. Make a booking, click here ! Map of Cyprus, you can locate places of your interest and arrange adventure with Cyprus adventure experts.


Exploring Troodos mountain you can find treasure which is kept there for centuries.    Cyprus treks are picturesque and interesting.    Jeep safari in Cyprus


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