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Rock climbing, trekking, flying, skiing, yoga, horse riding, mountain biking, jeep safari in Cyprus.

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Bike hire

Do it yourself adventures

Take a bike tour and make your own adventure.

A slower pace where you can stop anywhere,
 definitely closer to nature and as many will fit in the group as have bikes.

There are also guided bike tours for those of you who feel more comfortably in a group or with a guide both in Larnaca and Paphos


Paphos First

Bike ride in the Troodos mountains in Cyprus


We meet at 9 o'clock and drive to the highest point in Cyprus, Mount. Olympus. From here you join us on an exciting ride down the mountain roads to the beautiful Caledonia Waterfalls. After a walk here it's back on the bikes to ride down through villages and vine yards to a hillside picnic lunch. The route then takes us through a stunning valley to our final stop for a drink and a snack.


The perfect way to discover Paphos.  Meet at 10 o'clock to enjoy coffee and donuts. We then cycle around Paphos to see some of the most interesting places. Including the 'Tombs of the kings', The Castle, the Harbour, Roman Mosaics, old town market, Light House and bar and restaurant areas. The bicycle is then yours for the rest of the day to explore as you wish.

Mountain bikes and bike hire in Cyprus



Leaving Paphos at 9.30, we drive to the heights of the Akamas National Park. Together we cycle through old mountain villages and explore some of the most unspoiled parts of the island on quiet winding roads. Encounter the unique plant and animal life in the Park, then enjoy an exhilarating downhill ride through the goat and fruit farms to the beautiful coast at 'Lara'.  After a swim here we ride along the coast track to the Avakas Gorge for lunch and a walk in this amazing geological feature.


Spend the day cycling in the huge and spectacular Paphos Forest. Departing Pafos at 9.30 we drive to the Stavros Forest Station. From here we cycle superb roads and encounter the most beautiful views in Cyprus. Forest trails then take us to the Cedar Valley, where we ride through a unique area of over 200,000 giant Cedar trees and enjoy a leisurely lunch. An exciting high speed descent then takes us back to the car.



Larnaca Bike Tours

 Early morning is a lovely time in Larnaca,
reminiscent of when it was a small village where everyone knew each other. Take an early morning guided tour in the summer before the heat of the day hits.

Some places we visit
Larnaca Marina
Saint Lazarus Church
Larnaca Fort
Larnaca Fishing Harbour
Makenzie Beach
Larnaca Salt Lake
Hala Sultan Tekke
Kamares Aquaduct



Another quiet time when the light dances on the sea
 and the wind dies down for the night, is sunset.
A great time for a Sunset bike tour.

Larnaca Bike Rental

You can hire from Larnaca
Excursion Mountain Bikes:
Trekking Bikes:
Hybrid Touring Bikes:
and plain bike bikes

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These bikes are available to rent in Larnaca by the day or the week - there are city bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes and hybrids.

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Bike Ride Maps

Oldies but goldies
larnaca_cycling_routes_a.jpg (181855 bytes)
   Akamas_cycling_routes.jpg (159698 bytes)  Troodos_cycling_routes.jpg (254609 bytes)  Ladies_mile_cycling_routes.jpg (151355 bytes)
Larnaka              Akamas                 Troodos             Ladies Mile
Ayia_Napa_cycling_routes.jpg (134231 bytes)  Govenors_beach_cycling_routes.jpg (118174 bytes)  Yeroskipou_cycling_routes.jpg (102405 bytes)  
 Ayia Napa     Governor's Beach       Yeroskipou         Lythrodontas


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